From professional and personal experience, our first goal is to ensure the peace of mind of the parent and the student. Additionally, we offer a choice of fabric with a resistant and easy to maintain caliber at an affordable price, no more forced prices for low-end.

For 30 years in fashion, our designers know how to make students feel confident to wear their uniform and proud to be in an environment that values their excellence.

Whether it's for regular uniforms, physical education, accessories, girl and boy, whatever you have in mind is possible. We adapt to the school's request regardless of the conditions.

If the child's morphology does not work with the clothes in stock, we can tailor the item to measure within 1 to 2 months.

In addition, we offer an idea catalog containing a wide selection of products, among the most common;


● Bermuda

● V-neck sweater

● Sweatshirt

● Skirt

● Pants

● Polo button or col v

● Shoes

● Buttoned or zipped jacket

● Etc.

Physical education

● Bas de soccer

● Bermuda sport

● Volleyball shorts

● Pants sport

● T-shirt

● You know

● Etc.

Accessories & more

● Cropped/tight/three quarter stockings

● Cap

● Belt

● Shoes

● You too

● Etc.

A session of 1 to 4 days in a pop-up store established in your establishment equipped with fitting rooms, clothing of all types and Sizes as well as professional help will be offered on site to allow students and parents to be fine ready for back to school.

The process of buying a school uniform is done in 3 simple and uncomplicated steps; 

1.) Student trying on school clothes
2.) Payment on site (Debit, credit, cash)
3.) Leave with your purchases in hand. And this, the same day, BEFORE the start of the school year!

No deposit will be requested in advance and we guarantee to keep an inventory for restocking, throughout the school year.


Following the open days, an access code for the website will be given to college users to be able to obtain the desired clothing during the school year.

Transactions can be concluded with payment on the site by credit card and PayPal, delivery will be made within 3 to 5 working days by post. A pick-up in one of our stores located in Chambly is also available.

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An inventory will be available throughout the school year if necessary to renew some items.


In case of lack of merchandise or special request for Sizes, a surplus of fabrics is in our possession to allow us to make a new cut of a product, here in Quebec. Therefore, a restocking will be done within more or less 2 months to make the product available again.


This offer will be in force by signing a contract for a period of 3 to 5 years. This will allow us to be able to guarantee and maintain a service that offers a wide variety, year after year.

An increase in selling prices may occur each year depending on the cost of raw materials and labor.


In the event of a product defect, the parent will only have to contact Daniel Ostiguy at 514-781-5093 or by email at A Canada Post return number will then be sent and the parent can return the product in question, free of charge. At the same time, it will be immediately replaced and sent directly to the residence again by Canada post.

For the replacement of a Size or for an incorrect Size ordered, delivery costs will be charged to the parent. The exchange can be made by post or in store. Items must be new, unworn, unwashed and unaltered in order to complete a return.


We are also ready to offer a choice of clothing for teachers in the colors of the school (polo, shirt, pants, cotton swaddle, etc.)