Do you have a competitive sports team at your school? We can design a complete collection in their image with a wide range of sportswear as well as all types of accessories.

During the year, we are always able to satisfy all types of adjustments and alterations according to your needs.


● Headbands

● Bas de soccer

● Bermuda sport

● Sweaters

● Hoodies

● Volleyball shorts

● Pantalon sport

● Shoes

● You know

● And much more.


● Balloons

● Helmets

● Cap

● Belt

● Epaulets

● Gloves

● You too

● And much more.


● Adjust elastic

● Sew names and numbers

● Close/Repair Slot

● Place crest of any kind

● Place epaulette

Complete list here

Would you like to have your school's image and logo on a promotional item?

This is another facet already established by Vvög practicing across Canada for years, which has allowed us to develop a network that accesses the lowest price complementary to the quality of the objects as well as the production speed that ensures a worthy deadline. of confidence.

We can apply your image to countless personalized products including;


       ● Masks

       ● Clé USB

       ● Crayons

       ● Rules

       ● Transport cups

       ● Water bottles

       ● Etc.